Peter Benner, Daniel Kressner, Vasile Sima, and Andras Varga

SLICOT Working Note 2009-1: August 2009.

SLICOT is a comprehensive numerical software package for control systems analysis and design. While based on highly performant Fortran routines, MATLAB and Scilab interfaces provide convenient access for users. In this survey, we summarize the functionality contained in the three SLICOT toolboxes for (i) basic tasks in systems and control, (ii) system identification, and (iii) model reduction. Several examples illustrate the use of these toolboxes for addressing frequent computational tasks.

Martin Slowik, Peter Benner and Vasile Sima

SLICOT Working Note 2004-1: September 2004.

We discuss solvers for Sylvester, Lyapunov, and Stein equations that are available in the SLICOT Library. These solvers offer improved efficiency, reliability, and functionality compared to corresponding solvers in other computer-aided control system design packages. The performance of the SLICOT solvers is compared with the corresponding MATLAB solvers. This note can also serve as a guide to the SLICOT and SLICOT-based MATLAB solvers for Linear Matrix Equations.

Asparuh Markovski, Petko Petkov, Da Wei Gu, Mihail M. Konstantinov

SLICOT Working Note 2003-1: December 2003.

A set of Fortran 77 subroutines aimed to perform mu-synthesis procedure via DK iterations or H-inf design alone is presented. The software is intended for linear, time-invariant, continuous-time systems, but it handles also discrete-time systems via bilinear transformation. The methods for mu-synthesis and H-inf design implemented in the routines are briefly described. The subroutines make use of LAPACK and BLAS libraries and can be easily implemented from MATLAB by a MEX-file. The subroutines are included in the SLICOT library.

Da Wei Gu, Mihail M. Konstantinov, Volker Mehrmann, Petko Petkov and Hongguo Xu

SLICOT Working Note 2002-8: November 2002.

In this report we present a collection of benchmark example problems for robust control design of linear continuous-time systems. The collection is intended to be used with the SLICOT library of routines for H-infinity and mu-design of control systems. The present version of the collection includes nine systems. The benchmark examples are implemented in M-files.

Peter Benner, Enrique S. Quintana-Orti and Gregorio Quintana-Orti

SLICOT Working Note 2002-7: August 2002.

An experimental evalaution is reported, including numerical aspects and parallel performance, of the parallel routines for absolute error model reduction in PSLICOT based on iterative solution of the underlying matrix (Lyapunov) equations. The frequency response and the performance of the parallel routiens are comapred with those of the analogous codes in SLICOT.