V. Sima

WGS Report 97-2, March 1997.

This document contains comparative results for some new SLICOT routines, as well as Fortran routines for system identification, and MATLAB computations.

WGS Report 97-1, January 1997.

This document is an extended report on the results of the NICONET questionnaire.

WGS Report 96-1, August 1996; (revised version of WGS Report 90-1).

This report describes the documentation and implementation standards concerning the routines in the SLICOT library and should be used as guidance for potential contributors to the library. This report updates the old WGS report 90-1. Revisions: September 1996, January 1997, Febrary 1998.

WGS Report 96-2, August 1996; (revised version of WGS Report 94-1).

This document contains all information on how to contribute to the SLICOT library and is intended to enhance the submission of new subroutines. The requirements for acceptance of a contribution are outlined in a precise way. Furthermore, a brief overview of the possible benefits of distributing systems and control software through SLICOT is given. This report updates the old WGS report 94-1