Ad van den Boom and Sabine Van Huffel

Proc. CACSD'96 Symposium, Dearborn, MI, pp. 473-476, 1996.

Robust and performant numerical software for control systems analysis and design, such as the SLICOT and RASP libraries, is an essential ingredient in modern CACSD design. SLICOT, realised by WGS in cooperation with NAG, can primarily be viewed as a mathematical library for control theoretical computations. To avoid duplicating the implementation efforts of good quality software existing elsewhere, WGS and DLR, originator of the RASP control engineering library, have agreed to integrate these libraries into a joint standard control library. Making the product now freely available will ensure a wider and faster distribution of these computational tools and will make the much needed software more easily accessible to European industry in the short term. detailed plans have been developed for the instigation of a thematic network on numerics in control with the intention of extending the scope of cooperation to a European level.