Ad van den Boom, Sabine Van Huffel and Peter Benner

Journal A, vol.38, no. 3, pp. 20-21, 1997

NICONET is a European thematic network project with the aim of formalising and extending current collaboration with respect to robust numerical software for control systems analysis and design. Such software is an essential ingredient in modern computer aided control systems design (CACSD). NICONET is set up as a network for development and evaluation of numerically reliable software in control engineering and its implementation in production technologies. The objectives of NICONET are threefold: to intensify the research in and collaboration on Numerics in Control; to integrate the existing libraries SLICOT and RASP into a joint library, to extend, improve, and benchmark it and to adapt it for easy implementation in general purpose CACSD packages; to ensure the transfer of information technology related to control of industrial processes to industry